ABE Level 7 Services

The ABE Level 7 in Business Management

The ABE level 7 has 5 units of which 4 are assessed by assignments.  Management Approaches gives advice and/or marks the four units, which are examined by assignment


1. Templates for writing assignments, applying theoretical models  and referencing.  £20 each

The Level 7 qualification is based on assessment that is completely new to ABE students, who have been  used to taking exams.  Consequently mastering the technique of assignment writing has proved frustrating and very difficult for many students, hence templates include step by step guide and key journal articles to assist with theoretical fundamentals.

2. Preparation Support for the Examinations in Strategic Management and  Planning?

We provide a customised service for each student, which consists of:

·         setting specific questions  on the areas of the syllabus you find most difficult

·         marking your answers with track changes so that you can see where the weaknesses and strengths in your knowledge and understanding lie

·         providing additional notes regarding answering the questions so that you can strengthen the knowledge in the areas you are finding difficult

                     Fees: on basis of your needs


We provide two levels of basic service relating to the assignment you have written:  

Premier:  75 GBP per unit

·         We provide basis support while you are getting started

·         You send your draft assignment electronically

·         We  provide you  with a written report and then you prepare the final draft.

·         When you submit the final assignment, we send it  to ABE for a plagiarism check and then mark it 


Standard : 40GBP per unit

You submit the final assignment

We send it  to ABE for a plagiarism check and then mark it

We enter into no correspondence.



Students moving on from the ABE qualification to an MBA often find the level of assignment specified extremely daunting, as well as the research that needs to be conducted to commence the work.  This is an area of expertise we have developed over the past 10 years, which you can now access, by defining the degree of support you wish and receiving the appropriate fee to deliver that service.

Support with writing the Master’s Level Assignments – fee dependent on requirement.


Please send the assignment or dissertation specification provided to you by your university or college and indicate the level of service required

Outline template how to approach assignment

Review and comment on work completed

Complete edit of your work

Other – please specify in email


For full details and payment methods
contact: julie@managementapproaches.com


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