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A Curriculum Vitae (CV), referred to as a Resume in the United States or a Bio in other parts of the world, is still considered a vital document for recruitment and/or career progression by the majority of organisations, whether commercial or academic in nature

The purpose of a CV is to highlight your key skills and competences to the reader(s) in a way that immediately gains their attention, and enhances your chance of selection rather than that of hundreds of other applicants.


Applications for advertised job or training roles, as well as university applications, usually demand a personal statement that communicates why the organisation should consider you for a particular course, in preference to the many other candidates who will be applying for limited places.  However writing an attention-grabbing statement requires focus on the unique qualities and skills, which each employer or academic institution strives to find.

At Management Approaches we have more than 20 years’ experience in assisting individuals to produce these vital documents, both as the employer representing multinational global companies  and educational establishments, and recruitment consultants. We are pleased to make these services available to you at affordable rates.


Our student community is global, many members seeking to develop their career with further studies but require advice and research on appropriate universities and on completing the application. We are happy to provide a customised service to support each student, which highlights his/her specific skills in relation to a particular programme of study.


·         Do you feel that your career is not progressing as you hoped?

·         Are you having difficulty deciding which qualification would most improve your chances of improving your career prospects?

·         Need help with completing applications, personal statements or preparing for interview and/or assessment centres??

Create your own personal development plan (PDP), supported by our guidance and advice on which learning interventions best suit your unique requirements

Management Approaches provides a low cost personal service based on your specific requirements – fees depend on your unique requirements


·         CV Writing Service                                                                                 £20

·         Writing Personal Statement for University Entrance                                                                                  £30

·         CV and Personal Statement as one order                                                                                                                 £40

·         University or Job Application                                                                         Fee varies

·         Career Development Support & PDP                                                                  Fee varies


                                                                                                  Note: You will need to provide your full career history and qualification details for CV writing and for Personal Statement/University Application; detailed information about your career and key competences so that a customised document of exceptional interest to the recruiting organisation can be devised.

To access any of these services contact Julie now: julie@managementapproaches.com






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