Professional Advice and Support

Our Property Management and Office Services are based on close collaboration between specialists based in one location in Bagni di Lucca, so that integrated solutions can be customised for each client’s specific needs and in the client’s native language. The client’s peace of mind and confidence in our professionalism is of key importance to us.

Local knowledge and understanding of Italian processes and procedures regarding property management and business activities is combined with the cultural awareness of the frustrations that the bureaucratic nature of these can represent for non-Italians.

Our awareness of the poor service and/or high fees that have often been reported by non-Italians is the underlying rationale for creating value for our clients and employing transparent processes.  Any collaborative services engaged by Management Approaches to support our clients are personally known to us and vetted by us.


Support for Professional Development

Out students are recruited from many overseas countries and require specific new skills, to be developed over a very short time period, in order to reach the required standard for passing qualifications, gaining university entrance or for career progression.  In a significant number of cases this does not happen.

Some students work alone, having no College nearby to help then to develop the appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques to pass the qualification or demonstrate personal competences.  Management Approaches has many years’ experience working with students of all ages, nationalities academic levels, building a reputation for high quality tuition that represents exceptional value

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