Business Languages and Personal Development Courses

Personal and professional development is increasingly important for developing the skills and knowledge you need to access higher level study, and to develop the skills related to your current job role as well as the career positions you aspire to.

The capacity to speak another language enables you to gain more pleasure from your holidays and to participate in the local communities where you stay. At a commercial level you will conduct more effective business transactions and differentiate yourself in the job market. 

Learning just for fun, meeting new people and gaining a wider perspective on life are good enough reasons too! Do it for you!!


A structured business course assists small businesses to be more effective with use of their limited resources, and to promote the unique characteristics of the business to their potential customers.  Being part of group of learners enhances the outcomes accomplished from study, through exchange of ideas and gathering the views of others, about what they perceive is most important for you to improve the performance of your business.

Italian schools generally do not offer business subjects, and neither do the state universities putting young Italian people at a disadvantage when compared with students from other nations.  In Africa and in other less developed parts of the world, although business courses are more available, students cannot easily access tuition. 

Management Approaches has offered tuition to independent students globally on a distance learning basis at reasonable cost for some years.  Click here to see the ABE Page.

Similar services are available for all students from level 4 (UK 'A' Level, Italian Diploma) up to Master’s Level, either by distance learning or by courses for small groups.

Subjects include:  Marketing, Strategy, Business Accounting, Human Resource Management, IT              and Project Management

Professionals from other disciplines can also access business courses/subjects up to Master’s Level


English and Business English at all levels, for individuals and small groups of all ages


·         For visitors and home owners living in the Bagni di Lucca area

·         Intermediate and Advanced level  Italian

Please note:  all programmes focus more on speaking to instil confidence, rather on traditional methods centred mainly on reading and writing


How good are your public speaking and presentation skills?

Does your non-verbal communication interfere with the message you are trying to communicate?

Would help with research, writing assignments and key documents improve your performance?

A range of programmes including:

·         Presentation Skills with/without PowerPoint

·         More Effective Communication

·         Productive Research and Document/Assignment Writing

·         Using the internet for work, study and leisure

·         Decision making and problem solving

·         Customer relationship management and complaint handling

To find out more email: julie@managementapproaches.com

Note: All Fees based on personal or group needs and include learning materials. 

Text books and examination fees, if required, will be paid for separately



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