Our Clients & Testimonials

Our clients are organisations that share our vision of excellence in every aspect of their operation.

In Bagni di Lucca this is just the beginning and we have already built strong positive business links with a number of businesses through language training aimed specifically at developing relationships with English speaking tourists. For instance:

Bar Roma, Caffe Catene, Due Punti, Gioielleria Tomei,    I Folletti, La Villa,  Sagar Hair, Supermercato Conad

Our academic clients understand the vital importance of the management development and career progression whether the client is an management student, a practising manager or a valuable member of their staff. These include Awarding Bodies, Private Colleges and Training Providers: 

  • Kaplan UK
  • Association of Business Executives
  • Greenwich College, London
  • Westminster Kingsway College London
  • Best Training MK
  • Best Training Banbury
  • ABE students on Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma all over the world
  • Individuals seeking to improve their professional skills
  • Students and Lecturers from a variety of Colleges in London, Kathmandu and Bern

ABE Student Feedback (a sample)

Oscar Matengu, Senior Taxation Office, Namibia Ministry of Finance and first student in Namibia to gain the ABE Level 7 award, wrote:

“Studying Level 7 in Namibia is difficult because there are no colleges here that offer this ABE qualification.  So I had to submit my assignments through Management Approaches, a student services company based abroad, which handles assignment submission for independent ABE students.  Studying independently, by distance learning, is not an easy option where there is no centre for studies. However, thankfully Julie at Management Approaches encouraged me to continue many times, and today, without a shadow of a doubt, I can say it pays to submit your assignment to Management Approaches for Guidance”  ABE Student Focus Magazine, August 2013

"Thank you so much for the result. I am just so happy I don't know what to say. You have been of great inspiration to me. I really thank God that you were there to guide me through. Presently, I am working on the last course and the template which you send to me is of great help. I am really so grateful. Thanks again Julie”…….

"my family is so happy because I am succeeding, and the fees I paid are not wasted thanks to you"

"There is no better tutor, mentor and a coach like Julie. Failure is strange to Julie and what is known is passing. Passing with hard work. I recommended friend of mine who wanted to pursue an International qualification such as ABE post graduate programme. Try ABE with your mentor Julie. The time is coming when people will hunger for international qualification. Will you try this now"

By becoming our clients you can evaluate our products too!

Contact us now by email to julie@managementapproaches.com

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