Property Sales and Purchases


The sale or purchase of an Italian property is usually a major undertaking for the vendor and/or buyer, a process that can be fraught with stressful issues.

The process, and the speed at which the transaction occurs in Italy, are usually very different to those that non-Italians are accustomed to.

The property is often found for sale at different prices on a range of websites, and the asking price set according to the perceived wealth of the purchaser, rather than the property’s market value.

The total fees charged by the intermediaries may not be transparent, purchasers experiencing additional amounts being demanded at the time the final contract is ready to be signed. 

The cost of planning, authorisations, restoration and maintenance is considerably greater that the overseas buyer’s expectations, and once a contract had been agreed between buyer and contractors, progress and/or quality may be unacceptable as well as additional costs that ensue.

The language capacity of the buyer or seller in the two languages concerned, is usually poor so that expensive translation services and the presence of an authorised translator at the time of final contract are mandatory.


Valuation of the property you wish to sell or buy conducted by a qualified geometra; the realistic market-based price.

Written details of the process that will take place, and the fees you will be charged based on specified elements of the service, so you can be confident of how much you will pay for those aspects of the sale/purchase. This document will report the discussion that took place, which was focused on agreeing the optimum solution for your needs.

The estimated costs of  authorised translation and attendance by the interpreter, as required.

The Notaio’s fee and the Italian taxes associated with the sale.

Regular updates on the progress of the sale or purchase by email


·         Maintenance work pre- or post- sale or purchase

·         Plans and authorisation for alterations/extensions

·         Negotiating and contracting with our authorised, trusted contractors in all disciplines

·         Monitoring the progress and quality of work against defined time scale

·         Regular reporting to the owner of the property

Julie and Federico will help you to complete your sale or purchase in a supportive, empathetic and professional manner.

Contact:  Julie@managementapproaches.com or Federico@managementapproaches.com

for further assistance



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